WestPower™ Capabilites
  Section 1HVAC & HVDC Transmission Systems
Power Generation & Distribution Projects

WestPower®, Incorporated ("WestPower") is an engineering firm specializing in engineering, design and construction management services for high-voltage transmission systems, substations and power generation and distribution projects. WestPower® is a California corporation formed in 1992 to serve utility companies, independent power producers (IPPs) and industrial and commercial customers developing power generation projects and transmission and distribution systems. We are fully licensed and qualified to perform engineering, design and construction management work associated with projects in these areas and in 21 states in the United States and internationally.

WestPower® is a Professional Engineering firm, and it is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) in the State of California.

WestPower® is fully licensed and qualified to provide professional engineering and design services in the following areas.

• Project Development - Feasibility studies, cost estimating and due diligence
• Project Implementation - Engineering, design, construction support & commissioning
• Utility Interconnections - Interconnection evaluation and application support
• Power System Analyses - Short circuit & relay coordination studies
• Protection System Design - Protection relays selection and programming

Principal areas of WestPower's technical expertise include power engineering, detail design and construction management for the following types of projects:

  Power Generation Facilities
Transmission Systems
Distributed Generation (DG) Systems
Power Engineering
Utility Interconnection
Renewable Power Generation
• Cogeneration and Peaker Plants
• HVAC Transmission Lines & Substations
• Renewable Power Generation Projects
• Power System Analyses (EDSA, PSEE, GE-PSLF)
• Generation & Load Interconnection Services
• Photovoltaic (PV) and wind projects